Image authentication and Photidify

Photidify is in the digital photo authentication business. We have since our start in 2010 dedicated our resources to create solutions that will help organizations and individuals alike to find out if a digital photo is manipulated or not.

How can we be certain that a photo is not manipulated?

Photo manipulation is today common practice. Knowledge about the manipulation history of a photo is thus crucial in order to know what the photo is really documenting. In order to empower people and organizations that use digital photos as evidence, we have developed a unique image forensic software that provides you with exactly this information.



  • First positive validations of anti- tampering algorithms (prototypes).


  • Presentation of our image tamper detection technology at the annual Swedish law enforcement conference.
  • Company presentation at the annual meeting of Swedish insurance companies (Larmstjänst AB).


  • Photidify AB awarded by VINNOVA - Sweden’s premier innovation agency.


  • Launch of Forensic Photo LabTM, a state-of-the-art image authentication system.

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